Zartosht Rahimi

Resurrection of the dead king

“Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have of them.” (Marcel Prost)
The fixed image does not encompass the changes. The painting has calmed but it can be motive. World does not stop of changing for a moment. What can I do?
Painting is searching between the unremitting passing of time and these fixed images that they are stamped on the newspapers, billboards, posters, pictures and even the paintings every day.
The images and tenets appear against this storm like the little jokes, whether it seems bitter but the most important cares vanish. The images remain like the incommensurable memories. They simply miss their essence. They can define the other world in other time. What perforate to the images can make an anomalous tumult. However, this conundrum will not be important more and between the paintings, discovering the structure of this conceptual game will import finally.
Zartosht Rahimi