Zartosht Rahimi

The hunter Escapes

I'm walking in the wonderland. Uninterrupted happiness. I'm lonely, just looking around, I don’t want to buy a ticket and play, just looking, I couldn't remember how was I enter, I'm walking, maybe someone knows me, I slowly passed the crowd, Sometimes passing me, many people gathered, Ferris wheel has stopped, I'm asking someone, I do not want to become more closely because there is crowded, I heard someone has fallen…
Zartosht’s paintings are really imaginative.they contain new and intersting ideas. Visual equivalent of white background, is the lack of concepts and formation .The white background gives a sense of vacuum that intensifies the power of imagination. He used watercolor and marker in his paintings to show us his ideas and tells us the story behind of the pictures and symbols in dramatic scenes of screaming and shouting that emphasis on it and it also is a narrative without judgments. Zartosht's works are full of energy and sense of freedom that comes from childhood world and that's why they are reminds us the absurd style.and also cultural and historical elements are criticized which those elements are familiar for Iranian visitors.