Atefeh Namavar

Summer Dinner

The forerunner of humiliation and absurdity of the universe, it is the person who is the heart and
Spirit has a deep desire to make the world. Native art and humor of
Living space is to look at it as a spectator laugh it makes. Against her dolls
Puppet is enough to move around and follow his thread to see them take
They are serious exaggeration. It is true to say that humor and exaggeration
View of turmoil in the world is the one who is watching from the balcony of his home and false movements. As the poet” Jacques Pervert” Surrealist on the pretext of looking for
Poem's imagery and thus creates new creatures that seem absolutely abuse
Intentions are to create and Humorous Around the life like an excuse for poetry's.
This is just the beginning of the daily equivalent of sentence: “That takes the handkerchief is tumble poet leverage with which to lift the entire world. Art is a way to enter the world of the Surrealists and the superior the
Poetry is an additional effect that occurs mission literature. Power Shake
This poetry provides much greater power of paintings or poems because only vague dreams
Straight to the real world known to the entire image. Objects
The brilliance of their evil and the intricacies of the object adjacent
Communication with infinite coordination are between.
Surrealist painting and drawing not the function of literary forms, but its function is the poetic spirit in all forms
And gives Speaking of freeing art from the slavery laws aesthetic
Common forms of tyranny has appeared in previous contract .The ladder between each panel is
Using a partial view of reality is the fact that the top Kelly. Another words not sing the praises of appearances has unveiled their proposed. This exciting collection features beautiful poetic lyrics by Jacques Prevert Surrealist and for
This collection was inspired creations each line of this long poem entitled "Description of a summit dinner in Paris" on every page, including an immediate picture of the dream fulfilled
Violence, with confidence and laughing nervously .The design seeks to create spatial Surrealist sightseeing at the Forbidden Zone
Including new drugs - all of life is based upon the wisdom of moving into ecstatic
Read unknown OPENS - have been Circulation in this zone causes
The obstacles that life puts on dreams and forget
Think differently enjoy your visit and find out. But the works presented in this exhibition consists of 29 black and white printing is a technique and in some cases the pieces of charcoal lead to the approximate size of 35 x 45 in the effect of as much as 100 is a*40 Some of the older design, implementation, and others have recently implemented . However, this works to create a surrealistic atmosphere were indebted Prevert poem will be seen later.
Atefe namavar
March 2014