Rozita Sharafjahan

Born in 1962, Tehran
1995, M.A. in Researching Art, Tehran University
1991, B.A. in Painting, Tehran University
1981, Diploma in Sculpture, School of Visual Arts, Tehran
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2011, Sixth Desire, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2008, Portrait of Middle East, Golestan Art Gallery, Tehran
2007, What Can't Be?, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2005, Keep Silent, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2004, Mind, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2003, City2, Artists Art Gallery, Tehran
2002, City; With Frydoon Omidi, Iranian Artist’s Forum, Tehran
2002, Street, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
1993, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
1992, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
1986, Naghsh Jahan Art Gallery, Tehran
Slected Group Exhibitions
2012, 9th Shanghai Biennale, Curate by Nina Moaddel, Shanghai
2010, Iran Preview ot the Past, Vienna
2009, The Promise of Loss, Hilger Modern Contemporary, Curate by Shaheen Merali, Vienna
2009, Tehran inside Out, Forum Schloss Platz, Curated by Susann Wintsch, Aarau
2008, Lion Under the Rainbow, Athens
2007, TREIBSAND, Frauenmuseum, Curated by Susann Wintsch & Parastou Forouhar, Bonn
2006, 5th art Biennial Giumry, Curated by Arpine Tokmajyan, Giumry
2004, Leonardo Gallery, Roma
2002, 1st Paris Triennal of International Contemporary art; Grand Arch, Paris
2002, Group +30, Museum Metropolitan Art, Tokyo
2000, Group Exhibition, Zagreb
1994, 2nd Biennal of Painting, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Tehran