Parastou Forouhar


Born in Teheran, 1962
Based in Germany, 1991
2007, Residency of Berlin cultural Senat, Istanbul
2006, Grant from the german academy in Rom-Villa Massimo
2005, Kohj nternational Artistsworkshop, Bombey
2004, Grant from Balmoral Kunstler Hause
2001, Grant from Hessen Cultural Foundation
2001, Grant from Kunstfonds Foundation
1995-2000, Member of the art project Fahrradhale
1992-94, MA College of Art Offenbach, Germany
1984-90, BA in Fain Art, University of Teheran
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014, Repeating Patterns of Mrs.P, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2013, The Time of The Butterflies, Hinterland Gallery, Vienna
2012, No Home-game, Kunst-Raum-Akademie, Weingarten
2011, He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not, Karin Sachs Gallery, Miunich Written room, Fondazione Merz, Turin
2010, Parastou Forouhar at RH Gallery, NY
2009, I Surrender, Azad Gallery, Teheran
2008, Parade, Kunsthalle Vierseithof, Lückenwalde
2007, Just a Minute, Fondazione Pasteficio Cerere, Rom
2006, Blind Spot, Gallery Karin Sachs, Miunich
2004, Ornamentic, City Museum, Crailsheim Signs, Einstein Forum, Potsdam
2003, thousand and one day, National Gallery at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
2002, Shoes Off!, de Ligt Gallery, Frankfurt Blindspot
2001, Blind Spot, Stavangar Cultural Centre, Stavangar
Slected Group Exhibitions
2013, Gothenburg Biennial, Sweden
2012, Killing, Kunstpalais, Erlangen
2011, Asian Art Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
2011, Political Patterns, IFA Gallery, Berlin
2010, Veiled Memoirs, XIV Biennale Donna
2009, The Power Of Ornament, Belvedere, Vienna
2008, Mahrem, Kunsthalle Wien / Tanas, Berlin
2007, Global Feminisms, Brooklyn Museum, NY
2007, Retracing Territories, Kunsthalle Fribourg Gestalte
2006, Eastern Exprssway, Evangelische Stadtakademie Frankfurt
2006, The critical eye, Kunstverein Aschaffenburg Hannah Ahrendt thinking space, Berlin
2005, Intersections, jewish museum of Melbourne/ jewish museum of San Fransisco
2004, Far Near Distance, Centre of the World Cultures, Berlin
2003, M_ARS -Art and War, The New Gallery Land
2002, Source as Inspiration, Francke Foundation, Halle Say Hello Wave Goodbye Hohenlohe & Kalb Gallery, Vienna
2001, 2nd Berlin Biennale, Berlin
2011, PARASTOU FOROUHAR - Art, Life, Death in Iran, Edited by Rose Issa, SAQI Publication
2011, Das Land, in dem meine Eltern umgebracht wurden - Liebeserklärung an den Iran, Herder Verlag Publication